The Laugh of the Party!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is LaughShots different than a photobooth?
LaughShots is fully mobile!
Any size group per photo
It is highly visible and fun to use
It is a totally original and fun setup
Guests get their photo instantly on their phone

Who and what setting is Laughshots good for?
Our photos will make anyone laugh! It is perfect for parties, receptions, weddings & celebrations even if you already have a traditional photo booth!

How do people get their photos?
After they take their picture, guests scan a QR code where they can download or share their photo instantly on social media.  

Who will be shooting our event?
We are professionals. Your attendant will be cheerful, courteous, and wearing professional attire. We never smoke or drink at an event.  

What are the technical requirements for your setup?
No space or power requirement are necessary as our setup is battery powered and fully mobile. The rovers are roughly the same size as a person so they can easily fit through doors and on elevators. They roll best on fairly even surfaces or terrain.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, we carry a professional insurance policy

What is your booking process?
Send us your event information here
2: We will send you a contract and payment link for the 50% deposit
3: We will coordinate the artwork that will appear on the images
4: We are fully operational 30 minutes prior to start time

Still have questions? Just ask!